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Santhwanam – HIV positive children welfare and care through donation and sponsorship.

The project “Santhwanam (solace)” initiated by Keraleeyam to rehabilitate the HIV positive children, finds its resources through sponsorship and donation from like-minded people and organizations.Presently each child is provided Rs.15,000 (approximately $333) per year to supplement their educational, nutritional and medical needs.This assistance is provided to them in three or four installments at dedicated gatherings where the children assemble to share their thoughts and feelings with celebrities and distinguished persons. There will be entertainment programmes along with this.

You can also be part of this effort by sponsoring a child or donating to Keraleeyam. All donations to Keraleeyam are exempted by Govt. of India vide the Income Tax Act under sections 80 G, 12 A and Foreign Contributions and Regulations Act.If you are interested to sponsor a child, you can donate (CLICK HERE) now. Amount Rs.15,000.00 X # of students = payment cart gateway link.

Also you can place your banner advertisement in website and Keraleeyam print magazine monthly as per the following tariff. The revenue from your advertisement in this site/magazine will go to Global Kerala Initiative to assist HIV positive children. At the same time the advertisement will promote your website and also get income tax benefits to the donator.

Tariff for placing banner advertisements for one year:

Home Page

Top full banner : Rs.25,000 (approximately $555)
Right side banner : Rs.10,000 (approximately $222)
Bottom Full banner: Rs.15,000 (approximately $333)

Inner page

Top full banner: Rs.15,000 (approximately $333)
Right side banner : Rs.5,000 (approximately $111)
Bottom Full banner: Rs.10,000 (approximately $222)

Donation Box

Our resources mainly come from people and institutions that have a mind for charity. In connection with this for resource mobilization we have initiated a process to install Charity boxes at important location all over India. For this we have approached Government as well as private institutions to grant us space to accommodate these boxes. Earlier we had intimated you about this attempt vide the above reference.

Recently we had received permission from the Hon’ble Minister for Civil Aviation, Govt. of India to install Charity boxes at all major airports in India. Accordingly we have placed such boxes in Chennai international airport and all the airports in Kerala. This week the installation will take place in the airports in Andhra Pradesh and subsequently in all other airports.

Leela Group of Hotels and Resorts has already placed our boxes in their hotels. Similarly we are approaching other institutions which have a penchant for charity.

Coin Box Project

There are hundreds of HIV positive children in Kerala living in isolated conditions for no fault of theirs. Global Kerala Initiative-Keraleeyam is in an effort to bring them back to the mainstream of life giving them support for their medical, nutritional and educational needs. Now we leave it to the hands of the public to decide how to prolong their lives. Their valuable savings will go to the “Santwanam”, a project of Keraleeyam through which the children are given direct financial assistance under strict supervision and through transparent procedures.

A Rupee a Day is a coin box project initiated by Keraleeyam through which we give throw-away coin boxes to families so that they will be able to save a rupee coin a day and later deposit the collected money in a bank account intended for this project.

The response to this project was overwhelming such that the great music maestro A.R. Rahman has readily agreed to become the brand ambassador of the project after he himself inaugurating it.


1. To create awareness among the mass about AIDS threat.
2. Involve the public in a mass campaign programme.
3. Raise funds for Santhwanam Project.


1. One lakh piggy bank boxes are to be distributed in Kerala State one in each house.
2. One Rupee is to be dropped into the box everyday.
3. At the end of the year the boxes will be collected by Keraleeyam.
4. Distribution and collection will be done through Various organization and the public in general.

Be a part of its humanitarian projects to fight against

« Destitution
« Terminal illness
« Sufferings of the undefended

For details contact

Global Kerala Initiative -Keraleeyam
T.C. 9/ 2112(7), Kilichettan Lane, Shankar Road,
Sasthamangalam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram,
Pin-695 010, Kerala, India
Tel:+ 91. 471. 272 4650/272 7448
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