‘Santhwanam’ – Relief for the HIV/AIDS affected

This project is envisaged for the HIV/AIDS affected children who are suffering from the epidemic at no fault of theirs.Today a huge majority of the HIV/AIDS patients around us have their children under the same threat. When these patients eventually die the infected children are left behind in this prejudiced world, which imposes a stigma on these innocent victims. The children are denied even their birthrights due to the unwanted fear of the disease and the lack of awareness. It is high time to change this attitude by creating compassion and benevolence for the children among the common public. Keraleeyam is keen on rehabilitating them in a better living environment with better education facilities. We have already taken steps to identify the HIV/AIDS affected children and to find sponsors for them.

Hospice – Care for terminally ill

In our state, there are many people who are terminally ill and those who can’t be cured by medicines or by treatment. These people who are left behind and who don’t have any one to look after, encounter a very painful death.

Dr. Radhakrishna PillaiAll that can be offered to them is Symptom Treatment, which gives them relief. In many countries this method is practiced and developed into a specialty. Dr. Radhakrishna Pillai, noted physician from United Kingdom mooted this project and volunteered to spear head and establish a sanatorium for terminally ill people.

Happy Days – Rehabilitation of Destitute Children

The sight of wandering street orphans is a painful reminder of our insensitiveness. It is heart rendering to see these children living in unhygienic conditions, without any basic amenities of life.

They too have their rights, to lead a decent life, like the others.

Keraleeyam is weighing up the options to rehabilitate these children, phase-by-phase, region-by-region, with the active support of the NGO’s and like-minded agencies. ‘Happy Homes’ with hostel facilities, libraries and schools will be taken up in a phased manner. Higher education facilities are also proposed to be made available to these ill-fated children.

All the way up – Uplifting the tribal people

It is a known fact that tribal communities are still far away from the minimum level of comfort in life. Their standards of living are very dismal even when compared with the lowest Indian standards. In order to give leverage to them, Keraleeyam will be undertaking a project namely ‘All The Way Up’, with the support of the Universities, NGO’s, HRD Ministry and International Organizations.

An institution of excellence will be established and training will be imparted to the tribal community so that they can be level players in all fields. Researches and studies will be conducted about their ethnic culture, natural resources, traditional methods of treatment etc.

NRK Helpline- Round the Clock Help Line for the NRKs.

It is proposed to establish a state of the art Help Line facility accessible by Non Resident Keralites to facilitate all possible assistance to relatives and friends in Kerala. Keraleeyam intend to implement this in three phases.

First Phase – Establishment of Help Line office in Trivandrum Second Phase – Starting such offices in all districts of Kerala Third Phase – Establishing Help Line office in relevant countries in a phased manner.


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